Cisco Collaboration Case Study: San José State University

Opening up higher education with collaboration

Company: San José State University

Industry: Higher Education

Location: San José, California

Company Size: 32,800 Students

San Jose State University








From virtual lectures to asynchronous learning, San José State University (SJSU) quickly proved the value of collaboration technologies in transmitting knowledge and enriching educational experiences. The university sought to build on its early collaboration success by putting more use cases into practice.

San Jose State Unversity, Cisco Collaboration Case Study


The university used Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Jabber technology, and Collaboration Endpoints to enable unique collaboration scenarios and extend learning opportunities.


With its increasing use of collaboration, SJSU is boosting enrollment and giving students real-world experiences. It’s enhancing social work education in Vietnam, helping train teachers in China, and enabling advertising students to pitch ideas to global firms. Lectures are available anytime, anywhere, and professors can connect with off-campus students.

“Collaboration has opened the real world up to students, breaking down barriers to real industry experience.”

– John Delacruz,

Advertising Professor, San José State University


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